Friday, May 27, 2016

Feeling Confident Again After Cosmetic Dentistry

My teeth didn’t always look as great as they do right now thanks to cedar park orthodontics. In fact, they were spaced out, crooked and extremely discolored. Although I brushed several times each day with whitening toothpaste, nothing could change the fact that my smile was not very attractive. I was talking about how insecure I feel because of my teeth when a friend recommended cosmetic dentistry.

I did some extra research to find out more about this type of dentistry and the services offered by the dental professionals. I quickly realized I wouldn’t have to suffer for the rest of my life. I decided to schedule a consultation where I talked to the cosmetic dentist about my concerns and needs. We quickly came to the conclusion that the porcelain veneers were a great option for me.

The porcelain veneers instantly boosted my confidence. Although it did take several hours of getting dental work done, including having several pieces of my real teeth filed down, it was worth every last second spent in the dental office. I can smile confidently because my teeth are white and straight. I don’t have these huge gaps or discoloration anymore, and that is the reason I am so thankful for cosmetic dentistry.

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